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Earring findings

This guide explains the type of earring findings used in jewellery making.



Earring findings
These are findings used to make earrings.

shopEarwires / Ear-hooks /Earpins

Used to make earrings. These have an eye (small ring) for hanging charms, pearls or beads.

shopClip on earring

These findings are used to make clip on earrings.


These pieces keeps the earring secure by sliding onto the back of the earring pin and pushes up against ear, this holds the earring in place.


This is a earring is worn pushed through the ear lobe.
There are various types.

Some types have a small eye (ring) for hanging charms, pearls or beads, other types are completely flat at the bottom to allow pearls, gemstone or beads to be glued on it.