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Florist wire gauges

Florial wires are used in a wide range of arts and crafts projects, They come in a variety of gauges. The gauge indicates the thickness of the wire. It is important to know what gauges means, so that you can select the correct florist wires for your project.

Floral wire comes in ranges between about 5 gauge - about 0.201 inch (5mm) in diameter to 32 gauge about 0.008 inch (0.2mm) in diameter.

The higher the gauge number the thinner the wire.

To give you an indication of stiffness, the 5 gauge (4.5mm) wire is really stiff and hard to bend.   Whereas, the 32 gauge wire (0.20mm) is very floppy.

  • 1 gauge, 7mm in diameter
  • 2 gauge, 6.5mm in diameter
  • 3 gauge, 6mm in diameter
  • 4 gauge, 5mm in diameter
  • 5 gauge, 4.5mm in diameter
  • 6 gauge, 4mm in diameter
  • 7 gauge, 3.6mm in diameter
  • 8 gauge, 3.2mm in diameter
  • 9 gauge, 2.9mm in diameter
  • 10 gauge, 2.6mm in diameter
  • 12 gauge, 2.0mm in diameter
  • 14 gauge, 1.6mm in diameter
  • 16 gauge, 1.3mm in diameter
  • 18 gauge, 1.0mm in diameter
  • 20 gauge, 0.8mm in diameter
  • 22 gauge, 0.6mm in diameter
  • 24 gauge, 0.5mm in diameter
  • 26 gauge, 0.4mm in diameter
  • 28 gauge, 0.3mm in diameter
  • 30 gauge, 0.25mm in diameter
  • 32 gauge, 0.20mm in diameter
  • 34 gauge, 0.16mm in diameter
  • 36 gauge, 0.13mm in diameter
  • 38 gauge, 0.10mm in diameter

Florist wire photos

Florist wire
Florist wire
Florist wire
Florist wire

Where to buy

Florist wires at Roze - Many gauges and colours

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