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About jewellery making tools

This is a guide to jewellery making tools.



About jewellery making tools

shopPliers for jewellery making

Below is an explanation of the main tools used by jewellery designers.

Chain Nose Pliers / Snipe Nose Pliers

You should buy a pair that has smooth faces, similar looking non-jewellery making chain nose pliers usually have serrated faces which will scratch your jewellery.

The pointy ends of these pliers, make them useful for bending wires and working with findings and crimps.

Nylon jaw pliers / Plastic jaw pliers

These pliers have either nylon or plastic jaws. They are used for working with soft metals such as gold and aluminium. The nylon / plastic jaws prevents the soft metals from being scratched.

Flat Nose Pliers

Flat nose pliers are similar to chain nose pliers but the jaws do not taper towards the tip. This gives the flat nose pliers a larger surface area to grip the wire more securely.

Round nose pliers

Round nose pliers are used for creating well shaped bends and loops. The jaws are solid round metal that taper to a tip (like a cone). Round nose pliers are smooth, to prevent scratches to your jewellery pieces. They are not so good at gripping wires and twisting / bending findings, for this job use chain nose pliers.

Crimping Pliers

Crimping pliers are specialist pliers used for closing a crimp bead.

Wire cutters

Wire cutters are used for cutting wires, headpins and certain findings.

Bead mat

Bead mat stops your beads, findings and bits of wire from rolling around and getting lost. They are much better to work on than a flat surface like a table top.
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